IRMA made easy

IRMA made easy is a project about improving the usability, accessibility and overall user experience of the increasingly popular identity management app IRMA️. It is funded by NLnet foundation️ and carried out at iHub, Radboud University. This blog documents our underlying motivations, project activities and progress in chronological order. It features project deliverables as well as posts on related activities that also aim at making IRMA more user-friendly. Simply put, you have come to the right place if you are interested in how the IRMA user experience is improving.

12345 is not secure: Proposing a PIN check feature for IRMA

The IRMA app can hold personal and sensitive information, such as a user’s name, citizen service number, and bank account number. The core functionality of IRMA is to disclose this information to requesting parties, e.g., to log in to a website. Naturally, it is crucial that only the legitimate user of an IRMA app can access the app’s contents and disclose these data. In order to guarantee this, the IRMA app uses a PIN that the user can set when opening IRMA for the first time....